8 Reasons to Start Your Year with a reboot


Heading into the new year comes with a sense of newness, grand plans, and a fresh start. It’s a time to turn a new leaf and reflect upon that which we want to strive towards in the year ahead. With this comes a lot grandeur, high hopes, and often disappointment mixed with shame when things don’t go as planned.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that reflecting on the year past and setting intentions for the year ahead can be an entirely healthy process that can propel one into the new year with vibrancy and renewed excitement for life. This most likely happens when one is able to set manageable, attainable goals with the full concept that one has a year to make these changes turn into every day habits rather than them happening magically overnight.

Fresh Things First is getting ready to host our annual Real Food Reboot, a program designed to get folks eating real food made from their own kitchen for one whole week. While this may not sound like a huge commitment, it is one that can inspire and set you up for a year of healthy, self loving decisions. It’s the first step in transitioning one’s habits to make and eat real food. By starting the year off with a Reboot, you will…


1. Begin with A Nutritious Foundation.

Begin the year with a nutritious foundation to build upon for the year ahead. Recipes in our Real Food Reboot are available to you for a lifetime after you purchase. This way you can keep revisiting, tweaking, and enjoying them throughout the year(s) ahead.


2. Commit to Yourself.

Make a commitment to yourself and your family. By joining the Reboot program, you are acknowledging and acting in a manner that values and respects your worth, which will only propel more decisions that are beneficial to your health and quality of life.


3. Support Dietary Transitions.

Having support from an online community (and any friends that join the Reboot with you) makes for a much easier transition into the kitchen during every day life. Sharing and seeing others on the same mission as yourself can be just the motivation that you may need after a long day at work.


4. Curb Sugar Cravings.

Wean and curb any sugar cravings that may have arrived as a result of the holiday season. Reboot meals contain a necessary balance of healthy fat, protein, and plant fiber to support balanced blood sugar levels and keep you full longer.


5. Eat More Veggies.

People are always saying that they want to eat vegetables every day, so why not start now? Real Food Reboot ensures that you are getting vegetables with your meals/snacks because we all know just how important these precious plants are to our health and vitality.


6. Poop Regularly.

Feeling backed up from holiday bloat? Getting your diet back on track with a focus on plant fibers and adequate water will support healthy digestion and get you back on the pot on a more regular, satisfying schedule.


7. Save Time.

With a meal plan, grocery list, and preparation schedule, making real food from your own kitchen will feel more manageable and attainable. I recognize that cooking takes time, so I’ve tried to make it as accessible and realistic as possible for your to attain healthy eating goals on a busy schedule.


8. Have Access to A Coach.

Access to a certified Culinary Nutrition Educator and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at a low cost is not something that you come by every day. During the span of the Real Food Reboot, you will have virtual access to learn from and ask questions of Jillian.

Real Food Reboot provides done for you meal-planning with a calendared preparation schedule and grocery list. The group challenge focuses on a transition to eat real food, while providing a framework to prevent you from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.  We’re building a community to ask questions and share excitement over cooking and we’d love for you to be a part of it all!

This year’s program begins on Sunday, January 6th and lasts thru Saturday, January 13th 2018. The cost is $45 for the entire week.

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Will you be rebooting this new year?