8 Tips to Support Dietary Intentions for the New Year

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Many of us head into the New Year with plans to change our diet in some way or another. It doesn’t matter if the goal is to lose weight, eat healthier or have increased energy; we jump in with full force and high expectations. We invest in gym memberships, throw away junk food, and re-stock our shelves with healthy ingredients. After a short while, the excitement wanes. It becomes daunting to keep up with these grand plans and the healthy ingredients go to waste. We mean well, but the lack of a plan results in unsustainable eating habits.

Without proper planning to attain our goals, it is easy to feel like a failure and give up. How about we change that? With a bit of forethought, planning and support, we can succeed in making dietary changes to look and feel the way we want.


1. Set Small, Attainable Goals.

Go big, but break it down into chewable chunks. Keep the daily tasks manageable. This will help you be successful in the long run. Remember, every marathon is just one step at a time.


2. Identify Your Accountability Preference.

Do you respond well to outside accountability? Or do you find that you are naturally accountable to yourself? Start here. Either find outside accountability or keep yourself in check.


3. Look at Snacking Habits and Repetitive Cravings.

Do you find yourself mindlessly reaching for snacks?  Take a moment to process why. Are you exhausted, lonely, angry, or bored? When we identify what triggers these moments of false hunger or unhealthy cravings then we can focus on the true cravings within.


4. You Are Going to Fail. It’s Okay.

We all have setbacks and moments when we aren’t feeling it. This is completely normal. These setbacks teach us what we ultimately want and how our dietary choices affect our well-being. Practice compassion for yourself.  You’re doing fine. If shame or judgment creeps in, redirect and turn it into a learning experience. If you find yourself in a downward spiral, seek support. Odds are, you’re being too hard on yourself. Remember that you’re always learning and growing. It’s okay to stumble.


5. Hydrate.

Drink plenty of water throughout your day. Focus on this resource in between meals to support healthy digestion and cellular function. Aim to drink approximately half of your body weight in ounces per day (ex. 150 lbs./2 = ~75 ounces a day).


6. Plan Ahead.

If you create a meal plan for the week and purchase groceries ahead of time then you will have a refrigerator full of nutritious options and a plan to use them.  Remove decision fatigue and the default to order in. Planning creates excitement, saves you time in the long run, and ensures that you’re eating the way you want.


7. Move Your Body.

Adding movement into your daily routine makes you more likely to maintain healthy eating habits. If you already do this, keep it up! If not, try out different options and find what you enjoy. The goal is to simply move your body. For example, ditch the lift and take the stairs, walk to the cafe, dig in your garden, or play with your puppy. Whatever it is, make it something that you look forward to.


8. Join Our Group Challenge.

The Real Food Reboot provides meal-planning support with a calendared preparation schedule and grocery list. The group challenge focuses on a transition to eat real food, while providing a framework to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.  We’re building a community to ask questions and share excitement.

The Real Food Reboot begins on Monday, January 8th and lasts thru Sunday, January 14th 2018. The cost is $33 for the entire week, but if you purchase before January 1st, the cost is $28 with our early bird code: REBOOT2018

Sign up here.

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How do you best find success in making dietary changes?