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The Reboot was an awesome way to jump start the new year. My body and mind are feeling clearer and stronger than ever before. The meal plan and schedule were so extremely easy to follow, as well as, make changes to in order to fit my family’s needs and crazy schedule. The food was so delicious too! It was such a great way to learn about wholesome food for our bodies.
— Kristin Schrage


What Is The Real Food Reboot?

Real Food Reboot is a group program designed to make and eat real food for seven days. With the new year comes many resolutions that often fall short due to a lack of time, planning, or preparation. I want to support your transition into the kitchen, so I've done the busy work for you. I provide the meal plan, grocery list, and prep schedule to ensure that you are successful. You get to cook and eat delicious, nutritious food! As an added bonus, you get access to our private Facebook group to dialogue with myself and other participants.

When Does It Happen?

The group challenge runs Sunday, January 6th thru Saturday, January 12th. This is when we'll be communicating and supporting one another throughout, but keep in mind that you will have a pdf of the meal plan forever. Don't let the start date keep you from getting started whenever works best for you.

Count Me In! I'm Ready To Join Now!

What Is 'Real Food'?

I define real food as fresh ingredients from the earth that have had minimal processing, packaging or added ingredients. When selecting foods that are minimally processed, we focus on short ingredient lists that you can pronounce and identify. Food that will nourish, satiate, and fuel your body.

Is It An All Liquid Diet?

Nope! This is simply a chance to kick start the body by focusing on fresh ingredients to reset your tastebuds and curb sugar cravings. Focusing on whole food ingredients verses all liquids, ensures that you get adequate fiber, healthy fat, and protein to support digestion and balanced blood sugar.

Can My Family Join Me?

Of course! The more the merrier. Our meal plans are set to serve 2, but can easily be adjusted to feed 1 or a larger family if that's what you need. 

Dietary Restrictions.

All recipes are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. Meals focus on nutritious ingredients that meet the needs of a variety of preferences and sensitivities.

Real Food Reboot got my family into a great routine to try and eat healthy meals. The shopping list and prep schedule took the thinking out of meal creations. The reboot was flexible and we could swap out recipes to meet our needs. I can’t wait to buy another week long meal plan!
— Rashanna Edwards


What If I Don't Eat Meat?

No two people are alike, so this year we have two menus to choose from. A vegetarian meal plan and a plant-rich plan with a few meat based recipes for our omnivores out there. All recipes are dairy free, so we've also got you covered there too.

I'm Busy. Can I Really Do This?

If you want it, you can do it. A preparation schedule is provided to support advance food prep (on the weekend or the night before) when applicable. Breakfasts and lunches take less than 10 minutes to prepare, while some dinners take ~30 minutes.


What's Included?

  • 2 meal plans: vegetarian and omnivore.

  • 7-day meal plan that includes breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner.

  • Corresponding recipes for the full week to keep in your future rotation.

  • Preparation schedule for greater success in following your meal plan and managing food prep.

  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with the Real Food Reboot community for questions, motivational notes, and shared excitement.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost for this year’s Reboot is $45. The price has increased from last year because it now includes 2 meal plans to include a vegetarian option and all new recipes.

Early bird promotion runs from December 26th thru December 31st. All early bird purchases come with a bonus low sugar appetizers recipe e-book.

Real Food Reboot is valued at $99, but in an effort to keep costs low and get as many people in the kitchen as possible, the cost is $45. All materials will be sent on January 4th, so that you have time to shop and prep for January 6th.

The only reason I got anything to eat that week was because Jillian’s instructions were so thorough! Most importantly, I really enjoyed the recipes and noticed that I felt satisfied and didn’t crave sugar during the week. I still make 2 or 3 of the Reboot recipes almost every week.
— Laurie Wong