Meal planning is an essential skill needed to support any type of dietary change or focus. By planning ahead, you are less likely to bail or stray from your eating well. Ever stood in front of the refrigerator wondering, "what should I make?" Only to pick up the phone and order take-out shortly after?

Meal planning puts an end to that dreaded question and follow-up phone call. You have enough decisions to make in life, why add one more? Food should be enjoyed, not just one more decision that you have to make after a long day.

Let me help you plan for a typical week, single event or holiday. Read on to explore meal planning services.


Wanting to Eat Well, but Don't Have the Time to Plan? 

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Weekly Meal Plan Includes:

  • An initial consultation* (if applicable), to discuss the desired foods that you would like included in your customized meal plan.

  • 5-day menu that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and morning and afternoon snack options.

  • All corresponding recipes for your meal plan.

  • Preparation schedule to best utilize your time.

  • Grocery list for the 5 days.

  • On-going email support throughout your 5-day implementation.

  • Optional: 15 minute debrief at the end of the week.

You will receive an electronic copy of your meal plan to keep indefinitely, so that you can continue to reference the recipes in your future meal rotations. I highly recommend this service to anyone that wants to increase real food in their diet; have access to healthy recipes; make simple, healthy meals at home; decrease food waste; save money; and maximize time.

Cost: $75 - $95 for a 5-day plan, depending upon the extent of dietary requests (discount applied when purchasing 3+ weeks at a time).

*If purchasing as a new client without another package, there is a first time 50-minute consultation required to discuss your likes/dislikes and dietary preferences. This one time fee is $65 (+ tax)



Hosting a Meal and Want Some Help Planning?

I Do That Too!

Planning ahead ensures that the dietary needs of your guests are met without added stress or confusion on your end (or theirs). It isn't always easy to accommodate a table that seats your paleo sister, gluten-free friend, and vegan mom all sharing a meal together. I've been there and Iā€™m happy to help make it a positive experience for your next brunch, luncheon, holiday dinner, children's birthday party, happy hour or backyard bbq.


Single Event Meal Plan Includes:

  • 20 - 30 minute phone call to discuss the number of guests, their dietary needs and existing kitchen set-up

  • Electronic menu (non-alcoholic beverages, appetizers, main course, sides and dessert)

  • Corresponding recipes

  • Grocery list

  • Preparation schedule to prep some food ahead (reduce stress and 'day of' work)

  • Email support leading up to your hosted meal

Cost: $75 - $95 (+ tax) for a single event plan



Looking for An Affordable Pre-Made Meal Plan?

This pre-made meal plan includes a menu for the week, corresponding recipes, preparation calendar, shopping list, and private Facebook group for questions and support during the Real Food Reboot program. This year, you have the option of following a vegetarian or plant-rich meal plan containing some animal protein. Sales for the January Reboot are closed, but stay tuned for our next Reboot in April 2019.

All recipes are gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free with notations to support food preferences, sensitivities, or allergies. Program materials will be delivered to your inbox the Friday before the Reboot begins so that you have time to prepare. Our next group challenge will run in April 2019. This is a great way to focus on real food with the support and accountability of others eating the same menu as you.

For $45 you can participate in our Reboot and enjoy delicious real food ingredients for a week with recipes that are easy to prepare. You'll find yourself adding these tried and true recipes to your weekly rotations in no time.