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What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness advocate that helps you feel your best through diet & lifestyle changes. In other words, a coach partners with you to inspire and co-create transformation in personal and professional growth.

No two people are alike, so no singular lifestyle will work for everyone. Coaching individualizes recommendations to find the right fit for you verses being handed a list of do this/don't do that or eat this/don't eat that recommendations leaving you confused about how to actively move forward through change. Coaching is a joint partnership where the client is always in control. Through this approach, coaches help strategize from the sidelines (not call plays that may/may not align with you), so that you can naturally uncover and address imbalances in your life. 

During our time together, we will assess and identify areas in which you desire change and navigate any obstacles that arise along the way. You will have support and accountability, while we build awareness around your behaviors. By working in small, incremental steps, you will find greater balance and success in the sustainable change(s) that you desire.


What Makes a Health Coach Unique?

Health Coaches take a holistic approach to supporting the whole person, rather than just looking at what's on your dinner plate. We see relationships, exercise, career, joy, and spirituality equally as important to your health as the food that you eat.

By bringing awareness to any imbalances in your life, you will naturally begin to address root causes and find healthy balance in other areas. Through reflection and continuously checking in with these imbalances you will move towards where you want to be.


This 6-Month Service Includes:

  • 2 50-min. sessions per month for a total of 6 months (in-person or Skype)

  • Identifying goals and visions for your life

  • Time dedicated to explore and uncover imbalances in your life

  • Individualized recommendations and strategies to reach your desired goals and create balance

  • Educational/informational materials, when applicable

  • Support and accountability throughout

Monthly Fee: $135 / month (+ tax)

Receive a $50 discount when you pay for 6 months in full